furthering the Commonwealth’s objectives of
reducing energy consumption and encouraging energy efficiency.


The Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy (DMME) has created the VirginiaSAVES Green Community Program (the “Program”) to provide subsidized financing to private commercial and industrial, non-profit institutional and local government borrowers for energy efficiency, renewable energy, alternative fueling, and other qualified conservation purposes across the Commonwealth.  Using the Commonwealth’s allocations of Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (“QECBs”) issued on a conduit basis by the Virginia Small Business Finance Authority for private borrowers and the Virginia Resource Authority for public borrowers, the Program works with third-party funding sources to provide financing for the Projects.  The Program is administered by CleanSource Capital, LLC. 


  • Incentivize development of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and alternative fueling projects
  • Reduce energy consumption and emissions while promoting energy efficiency
  • Create jobs and stimulate economic development
  • Enhance business competitiveness and quality of life throughout Virginia
“As stated in my Energy Plan, providing the public and private sectors with the tools they need to reduce energy consumption and save on energy costs is critical for building a new Virginia economy. VirginiaSAVES encourages investments that will save money, improve energy security, lessen Virginia’s dependence on federal spending and attract new jobs and advanced energy industries.”
— Governor McAuliffe