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In order to encourage broad market participation, the Program facilitates subsidized Financing through a variety of delivery models, including projects developed through independent engineers, consultants and auditors, energy service providers, performance contracting entities, product vendors and installing contractors (each an “Eligible Service Provider”). Each such party must reasonably demonstrate its qualifications and capabilities of providing the services proposed for the Project in order to qualify as an Eligible Service Providers so as to be able to submit a Project Submittal for funding through the Program and/or perform work on behalf of a Project approved for funding through the Program.   

The latest list of approved Eligible Service Providers is posted in the “Resources” section of this website.  Service providers not currently listed can generally be pre-approved in parallel with funding applications to the Program.  Refer to the Eligible Service Provider Application Guide found at the “Resources” section for additional details.

To become an eligible service provider through the program, please contact:

Greg Montgomery, CleanSource Capital
704.271.9889 (office)
704.674.7005 (mobile)

All Projects

All projects to be eligible must comply with the minimum requirements for eligibility as set forth in the “Program Technical Guide” available at the “Resources” section of the website.